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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Green/Labor Capitalist Network

Yep....you heard it hear first.. perhaps.  Don't you ever wonder who is lurking and operating behind the public face of politics, and why they are so passionate about certain issues?

CLIMATE CHANGE..oohhhhhh we're all going to DIE.. we are DOOOMED....how many times have you had this mantra rammmmmed down your throat over the past few years? Well.. maybe it's time to see some of the financial interests smack bang in the middle, side, top and bottom of this huge scam of the century!

Let's take our old buddy AL GORE... and his mate 'MAURICE STRONG. and a few others.

Click on the graphics to see a larger version.

What you should do is this, google each of the names and key words in the graphic and just see what comes up.
For example.. "Kathy Zoi"  Do a wiki on her.  How about this ENVEX in Sydney and our Labor mate Bob Carr!...aaah yes.. now..who was it who was raving and ranting about how much we neeeeed a cap and TRADE  policy? Hmmm...oh yesss.. I've got it.. it....was....HIM! Strange how we now find him as CEO of a carbon TRADING company in Australia, a company which is affiliated with the now infamous Chicago Mob..ooops..I mean 'Chicago Climate Exchange'.

Zoi was appointed by Gore to the Alliance for Climate Protection, given $300Mil, and told "Persuade the masses about global warming"...she indeed did that, and as a reward, was appointed as the Assistant Secretary for ENERGY, and now she has her fingies on $16,000,000,000 stimulus money.  She also just happens to have large shareholdings in the Smart Meter company Landis and Gyr...  Next time that bloke comes to your house to 'check things for your new smart meter' which you have zero choice about getting.... remember this blog.

Let's not forget that 'kindly old man' Maurice Strong, the man who was the skilful artchitect behind all major 'earth summits' and who had a big hand in orchestrating the Copenhagen global warming scam. You only have to look at his business connections and positions to see what's going on there!

Don't forget to check out where Al Gore fits into all this as well.

Remember.. do your own homework.. check/verify all of this material. Just do what I did, use Google.
Keep on digging.. probing.. looking.

This is what you can find...when you dig.
That information is found here.  oops.. correction...they have now removed the list of Directors from their web site. The above image was taken from the CCX web site prior to the change. (They've been feeling a lot of heat about this)

But notice in this link the connection between Bob Carr/Envex and the CCX global network.


The extent of this huge scam defies the imagination. It's almost like some supercomputer is pulling all the strings.. like one of those old movies where the computer 'suggests' changes to it's software and hardware..until finally "it" runs the whole show and controls the humans. 

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